Chanel Unboxing

If you have seen my last post, I bagged home 2 black boxes of happiness home last week! ☺️ and additional one box the week before.

Are you ready for the reveal? 😉

Advance warning first: Long post ahead and pictures heavy 🙃

Some background story first – I had visited Chanel the week before on a Saturday to pick up my necklace which was sent for repair back in January. On that day, my SA told me the new collection are not in yet and that I should come back the following week! At that time, I randomly asked whether the necklace I had seen back in January is still available. And as fate would have it, it is indeed still available in the last piece! I presumed I’m destined to add it to my collection after all. Yay to another black box courtesy of the husband! It was a belated wedding anniversary and Valentine’s present.

Unboxing video of Chanel Necklace below:

And a photo of the necklace. Not the best that I have and the photo does not do justice to the necklace. I should take another better one next time.

I was eyeing this one and couldn’t decide if I should get it. No regrets in the end because highly likely will become my favourite necklace! I have yet to wear it out but I will soon! The crystals are so shiny in real life and the size is pretty big (Bigger than $1 coin). It’s the biggest of all my Chanel necklaces. I’m very glad that I didn’t wait for the new collection because as you can see from my last post, the CJ selection for S/S 18 was disappointing.

Couldn’t resist taking a video with the bling filter from the Snow app 😆

The necklace can be worn 2 lengths as usual and it retails for S$660! Given how expensive these day Chanel CJ are due to price increase, I would say that this is worth the price tag in terms of Chanel pricing.

Moving on to both of my new-ins! Let’s get started with reveal #1! The reason why I did not include the necklace above as part of the reveal is because I have done the necklace reveal previously on my IG 🙂

And so I went back to Chanel the following week after checking with my SA. My SA was not working until later in the day but she kindly arrange for me to meet another SA at the boutique.


Reveal #1

I had no intention of buying this item because this was an unexpected find that day. After settling on the other item (Reveal #2 coming up later), I went to browse a lot of other items as you can see from my last post

I was more or less decided not to get a 2nd item since I did not find anything that I really fancy. Nevertheless, without any expectation, I randomly decided to ask my SA to show me an item which I wanted to see only and not to buy because I know I probably will not bag it home. I just wanted to be doubly sure by feeling it 😆 He went inside for a while and came back with a box! I was told that he cannot find what I wanted to see. Not sure if it is already sold out or another customer was looking at it but anyway he said he found another item to show me! Omg! Suddenly he made me feel very excited. It sounded as if he found a gem. He started opening the box and the moment I caught a glimpse of it, my heart 😱 skipped a beat! At that moment, I knew that I really had to bag it home. No hesitation at all. The heart and mind says ‘BUY’. Haha! Don’t even need to check the price (but I know the price already ☺️) Thankfully, he said there was 2 pieces! The only 2 and the stock just came in that day. I got one myself and the other one was bought by my friend who was there as well. Hehe…


And so! I got another ….

Mini O – Case in Dark Blue Metallic GHW


I had mentioned in my other post that I love the shade of this dark blue metallic colour very much. The picture above is taken in the boutique. Colour is pretty true – this is how it looks like indoor under yellow lightings. Dark blue with tinge of teal colour. So so gorgeous isn’t it! I couldn’t say NO to this one even though I already own one coral pink mini O case which I just got last year. Don’t ask me why I need another mini O case when I already own one. You might probably think it’s excuses but since my other mini O case is in bright and light shade, I can always add a dark shade one to my collection right? LOL. I am currently using my pink one daily to put my cash (notes and coins) and the other additional cards. It would have been perfect if this is in chevron instead of quilt but no complains. Maybe I might add one more in chevron pattern next time if I find another gorgeous colour like the light gold one which takes the Chanel world by storm 😉

Featuring the unboxing video of my new Mini O case below!


Here is a picture taken at home in daylight. I try my best to show the true real life colour as much as possible under the same lighting condition in the situation the picture is taken. No filter to the picture. Taken with my Olympus PEN camera with portrait lens.

I decided to take a few pictures with my pink O case as well to show the differences.


My coral pink and new in dark blue side by side. Both in caviar and GHW which is my favourite hardware colour.


The double CC logo at each end of the cases.


Caviar wise – you could see the difference. This is what they meant by every season, the caviar is different. They are never the same. Some years, the caviar (Chanel calls it grained calfskin by the way) are better than other years. Here you can see, the blue is more puffy and the grain size is bigger as compared to the pink one.

Food for thought: Which caviar do you prefer? Flat or Puffy? Smooth or Coarse? Matt or Shiny? For me, I am not so particular when it comes to SLGs. But I will be more particular for bags.

Reveal #2

Reveal #2 was what I went to the boutique for. I had been stalking the IG Chanel hashtags for the past few months, looking for that particular item in my next wishlist which is now fulfilled hehe. I knew more or less what colour options I wanted and also the hardware colour. I just needed to wait for the right one to come along and hoping it would be available in SG. Informed and checked with my SA and positive news came in! I was so happy and excited! At the same time, I was also anxious because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it since stocks were really very very very limited. They do not allow any reservations for the design. So it’s totally first come first serve.

I guesses a few of you did guess correctly what I got hehe!


Biggest black box in my Chanel collection 😊

I can now say I finally got my

Small Coco Handle in Dark Blue Aged GHW


The first item I asked to see the moment I entered the store. My SA already told this SA what I wanted anyway. So he just double confirmed it with me. There was only 2 pieces available that day. I saw both pieces and picked one. The SA also did showed me the black small CCH and asked if I confirmed want the blue instead of the black. The black also comes in aged GHW. I didn’t take any picture of the black one.


Coco Handle had been on my wishlist since last year after I saw it in Paris. Back then, Rue Cambon had the one and only dark navy blue but I was late by 15 mins. It was bought by another lady. Anyway I got myself the silver rectangle mini that time and the mini was more important and my priority. It was a mission to be fulfilled. So the next bag on my list was this one.

I did manage to try on the mini CCH chevron in HK last year in navy as well. Cute size but the interior cannot put much due to the bag divider. Anyway since I have the mini rectangle, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a mini CCH. By the way, the day after I bought the CCH, I learnt that they have the mini CCH in stock – just one piece !


img_2836 (1)

To be honest, I was really tempted to bag this home but resisted because of the size and the distressed calf leather which I don’t think I can take care of since I am very careless with bags. I always drop and bang my bags 😂 Also I am not sure if I can accept having creases on top of the flap (where the handle) is because the SA told me the creases will appear after some usage and that it is normal. The SA also MBS also told me so. The same applies for quilted CCH actually but it would be much more obvious in this chevron calf. On top of that, the mini CCH cannot be worn crossbody. The SA in HK and my SA here agreed on this. Mini CCH crossbody looks just super weird on me.

But if I were to have unlimited bag funds I would get this one as well lol.

And a few months back, sometime in November, I also managed to try on the medium quilted CCH at NAC.

Obviously, medium is too huge for me. I tried it mainly also to see how black quilted CCH will look like on me.

After this round of trying, I made and confirmed my decision.

  • I want one which I can carry to work daily both on shoulder and crossbody
  • It has to be in dark shades (to avoid colour transfer – I was more certain after my silver mini got colour transfer) but it cannot be black and it has to be in GHW and quilted caviar.
  • Normal calf handle preferable (not lizard). Anyway the price tag for lizard handle are quite exorbitant now after the price increase.

So, of course, small CCH is the best size. The day I picked up the bling necklace above, my SA did pass me both muted blue CCH chevron in mini and small size to try for comparison (Pics below). I forgot to take pics of me trying the bags but small size triple confirm the deal.


Enough about the stories for my CCH hunt hehe! Now presenting the unboxing video of my first CCH!

My first time taking such unboxing video of my new in bag! 😁

It’s really quite hard to take the true picture of the bag. It appears to be darker in most pictures. I think this unboxing video shows the closest true colour of the bag. I’m not sure why Chanel labelled it as navy blue. But it’s definitely not a true shade of navy blue. It’s more to dark blue.

The quilt stitching is lighter blue in colour as compared to the bag. Some people who is more OCD might probably prefer the stitching to be darker. But I’m totally fine with it.

Do allow me to spam lots of pictures of this CCH below ☺️

In love with the quilting 😍

CCH comes with detachable strap and hence can be worn 3 ways – shoulder, crossbody and by the handle itself.

More close up picture of the detachable part. The grommets have wordings on them.

For those who own the CCH, do you remove the straps when you keep the bag in the box?

There’s also imprints of ’31 Rue Cambon’ on it.

Iconic back pocket that’s not to be forgotten

I love bags with feet. I prefer my bags to be able to ‘stand’ on its own.

The interior of the bag. Same as the mini version, the small version also has the centre divider. The interior is lined with fabric. Not leather. Based on what I know, the interior of CCH with lizard handle is leather. Personally I’m good with fabric lining as well. As seen, there are 2 zipped slips.

I did a test of putting some of my bag essentials that I carry daily. Spot the mini o case, flat cardholder, two packets of tissues, power bank and my lippies all in the back compartment. There are still spaces left. On a side note, seems like I need to buy a small pouch to house my lipsticks. What do you use to store your lipstick? Any input are much appreciated!

On the other compartment, it’s basically almost empty. I randomly put in my company lanyard and my house keys. I can put in my iPhone as well. On a side note, I’m on the hunt for a good key holder now.

The front compartment has 3 slip pockets. I understand that the center one is for lipsticks but I find the size too small. I put in my small mirror in one of the pocket. The bag is very roomy. So technically, I can spread out items from my back pockets to the front so that the bag will be more balanced.

Another solo picture of the bag 😍

The reveal is completed!

One last picture of both of my new ins which happen to be in shades of blue. Can’t wait to start using them together soon!

Very happy buys and thanks so much for sharing my joy! Pssst.. I already have the next wishlist item inmy mind 🤣

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  1. So pretty! I was told by the SA to drop the chain into the bag when storing the bag. I tried to do it as much as I can, as somedays I am just too lazy 🤣


      1. The chanel rectangular mini in the same metallic blue leather. I saw on mintyvintage’s post that there will be the mini bag, just not sure when it will be stocked in singapore. Hahha.


      2. Oh yes! That rect mini comes in the emerald green, metallic blue, the pink and the yellow this season. They are all avail in the US. So hopefully they will bring in to SG.


  2. Everyone’s gushing about the cch but the necklace and mini o case are DAMN PRETTY TOO!!!! Missed your posts on Dayre 😦 u should come back!!!!


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