Our Second Nature – Harvest II Review

Last Friday night, I received my OSN parcel. Delivery took longer than usual. I had bought the Harvest Cropped Top in size XS.

Harvest Cropped Top

Tried on the XS and it fits me snugly at ptp and waist with zero allowance. It was kinda tight for comfort. Really very fitted like bodycon style with no room at all. The length is really cropped as its name says. So it’s best paired with high waisted bottom. Here I paired it with Love, Bonito Philo Button pants in Navy. Personally love the design of the cropped top much!

Come Sunday, I decided to ask the hub to go to OSN store at Chip Bee with the intention of checking out the same top in size S to see if it will fit me better.

We had a late lunch at Tai Cheong and then we went by the store.

Took the chance to try on a few other items as well since I was there.

Harvest Cropped Top + High Waisted Shorts

Tried on the display piece of Size S and it fits me so much better and comfy as compared to XS. It does have very slight allowance at ptp and waist but at least it is not ‘suffocating’ 😆 I felt like my boobs were able to breathe finally 😅

The shorts are also in xs and it fits me perfectly at the waist. Also no allowance. Not stretchy but it fits me fine. The material is really thick and comes with pockets and back zip.

I went back home and tried on the new piece of size S which I bought in store and it fits me well! Maybe the display piece has been stretched very slightly. I have since sold the XS piece!

Harvest Shirt

Wearing XS and it fits me loosely. More of oversized fit to be exact. Comes with front buttons fastening and slits at the sides. Note that the prints placements for each pieces are different. And the one I’m trying has quite bad prints placement 😅 the middle part has no prints.

Tried to tie the shirt in front and I prefer this look. Not bad imo but I’m not a shirt person. Would prefer if the shirt is sleeveless!

Harvest Midi Skirt


Size XS fits me well at the waist. Comfy fit. Not stretchy. No pockets and comes with side zip. I love the design and fit of the skirt! But not so much of this prints on the skirt somehow? I hope OSN will make the skirt next time in other prints.

Harvest Midi Dress


Wearing size XS and it fits me snugly at ptp with no allowance while it’s just nice at the waist. The dress is really nice! But the ptp is kinda too tight for my liking. If only it’s half inch bigger at ptp. The material for this is different from the others in Harvest Collection. More to chiffon like and softer so the dress is more flowy type.

I also tried Size S since XS too tight but S is way too loose at the ptp. In between size for this. The white is slightly sheer though. Can see the pockets.

I hope again OSN will do the same design next time round.

Button Down Maxi Dress


Tried Size XS and it fits me snugly at ptp and just nice at waist with zero allowance. The maxi dress is quite nice , don’t you think so? Love the full circle skirting part most but not so much of the bodice part. The buttons in front are not functional. The dress comes with back zip. I quite like the cap sleeves personally. Comes with pockets!

Harvest Midi Dress – Solid


And the last item I am reviewing is this solid version of Harvest Midi Dress. Same sizing like the one with prints. So it’s slightly snug at ptp for me. Love this as well and would have probably bought it if the sizing is bigger. The colour is 😍


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7 thoughts on “Our Second Nature – Harvest II Review”

  1. You look better than the model in the website. Looking so fabulous in the outfits and tempted to buy but the model looks blah in hers.


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