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Did you know that Singapore’s tap water contains an average of 2.45mg/l of chlorine which is almost the same amount in the swimming pool? Chlorine is the most common water treatment to kill bacteria within it and chlorinated water can have long-term effects on human skin. Some of them are acne and other skin irritations, including eczema and rashes. It may also lead to hairfall, dry, itchy skin and promote premature aging to our skin which is why showers and baths should not be too long. Our skin absorbs almost 8 glasses of chlorinated water during every shower.

Sonaki Vitamin C filter Singapore brings to you shower heads with a Vitamin C filter which filters out chlorine in the tap water. They have been voted as bestsellers in Korea and also in the US.

The kind people at Sonaki has kindly sent me one of their shower heads and I have been using them for the past one month to see how it benefits me! Keep a lookout for the discount code at the end of the post!

As an overview, Sonaki VitaC shower heads filter 99.9% of harmful chlorine


The design are of the shower heads are clean and inspired by nature. They are designed and made in Korea.

Here are some of the benefits for your information:

Reduce hair loss, prevents dandruff, strengthen & smooth hair and prevent scalp damage

Our hair is protected with natural lubricant called sebum. Sebum keeps the hair strong and shiny. Constant exposure to chlorinated water strips away the sebum and damages the hair. Prolonged exposure will also lead to a dry scalp and dull, brittle locks that are prone to dandruff, split end, frequent breaking of hair strands and hair fall.

Moisturises & soothe dry skin and mild eczema

Chlorinated water also deplete the skin of its natural oils that hold the moisture in and continued depletion can thus lead to very dry skin. It will also promote skin aging process and skin irritations conditions.

With Sonaki VitaC shower heads, we can now have healthier hair and skin conditions. Best of all, they are suitable for sensitive skin and they are also baby-friendly 🙂

Sonaki VitaC shower heads comes in 3 unique designs – Lotus, Rain and Crystal. All VitaC shower heads include one filter. The filters are one-size-fits-all showerheads and can last approximately 3 to 6 months. VitaC filter refill pack is also sold separately.


I have been using the Lotus shower head for the past month! It comes packed in a colourful packaging.


Here’s a close-up of the shower head itself. The lotus design does not come with any settings. Simply use it as it is. No further maintenance needed other than changing the filter. If you prefer to have different types of water settings, you can opt for Crystal shower heads which comes with 3 different settings – shower, rain and massage.

Installation is really easy! Even me who knows nut about bathroom stuffs had a breeze with the installation by myself with the provided 3-step installation – remove existing shower head from the hose, connect the VitaC shower head and then turn on water to check the flow!

I have included the video of how I can easily remove (and thus the installation)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above photos show the shower head installed and turned on. The water pressure is quite strong surprisingly when installed in my home. Note that water pressure may vary in different homes. Taken from their website, VitaC shower heads use an average of 5.65l/m to maintain the same pressure and save water while the average showerhead can use up to 9l/m. Even though it contains vitamin C crystals, there are no weird smell or anything of the sort.

I did notice that my scalp is now less irritated as compared to last time. Hair is slightly softer (I have been using the same shampoo and conditioner) and I did not have any irritations from using the shower head.

For better haircare and skincare, no harm using shower heads which is beneficial to our lifestyle.

For a limited period only from now until 19 March 2018 (Monday), you can get 20% off all orders with the code NADIA20 when you place your orders on the Sonaki website < >. You can also read more about the shower heads and various other reviews on the same website. For more comprehensive information, you can also visit the US website HERE

Thanks Sonaki Singapore for sending over the shower head!

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