Love Bonito Valentine’s Review

Here’s another overdue Love, Bonito review from last week’s Valentine week launch! Last week was a busy week – running errands before everywhere closed earlier for CNY celebrations.

Just a quick heads-up, I have started including link to some of the items I posted starting from the CNY recap post. For instance, I included the direct link to the website for those outfits and (accessories) I wore during CNY. In this post, the link is clickable in the item name part. I hope it will help in shopping? Hehe!

Let’s move on to the rack sightings and reviews!


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Dorescia Asymmetrical Ruffled Cutout Dress


Tried the dress in Size XS and it fits me snugly at PTP and waist with zero allowance. Hips has allowance as usual on me. Dress is lined and not stretchy. Comes with back zip and pockets. The colour is tagged as dusty blue on the website but it is more to light dusty baby blue in real life. Personally I love the design of the dress. Would have gotten it if it fits better at the hips on me. It is quite loose for the XS. img_3410

Close-up view of the dress and ruffles! Really pretty!


I also managed to try on the black. One can never go wrong with black definitely. Perfect LBD to own. Very classy look! Because it is black, it doesn’t appear to be that loose on the hips on me. So tempting!

Noretta Printed Button Front Midi Dress


I took Size S to try for this dress because I couldn’t find any XS at all on the rack and I did not want to bother the busy pixies to take size XS as the store was super crowded last week. Surprisingly size S can fit me and not overly loose. It fits with slight allowance at both PTP and waist. The dress is lightweight but it is lined if I remember correctly. No pockets and comes with back zip for easy wearing. The front buttons are not functional. Just for aesthetic purposes. This is a fuss free casual dress. Not stretchy. You can take your usual size.


The front actually has a slit which will be probably only obvious when you are walking or sitting down.

Jollesin Ruched High Neck Jumpsuit


Wearing size XS for the jumpsuit and it fits me well at both PTP and waist with no allowance. Jumpsuit is half line (only the bodice) and comes with back zip. No pockets. Not stretchy. Bottom part is flared out. Length wise just nice on me with my usual 3 inches heels which is good. Don’t you think the design of the jumpsuit has slimming effects? It cinches at the waist and flare out below. I actually think the design is pretty fashion forward and quite avant garde. Especially the front pleats.


Clearer views of the jumpsuit design in front. Probably I personally prefer if the neckline is slightly lower. But overall, it really has a unique design which LB never manufactures before.

Chastika Layered Fringe Hem CamisoleCagisa Sash Pleat Flare Culottes


Tried the top in XS and it fits well at PTP with no allowance. This top is very fuss free. Not lined and no zip. Just lup on. Straps not adjustable either. Even though it is not lined, the black is not sheer at all and it is not thin either. Material is more like polyester. The fringe at the ends are really cute. You get a casual fun vibe when worn tucked out and you can also go with tuck in look which I will show next. So it is two looks for the price of one!


This is how it looks like when the top is tucked in. Just like a normal camisole. You can pair it with skirts or pants to go to work. And the tuck out look for weekend.

As for the pants, wearing XS and it fits me with slight allowance at the waist. Pants comes with front zip and detachable sash. Not lined. Not stretchy. Comes with pockets! The material is really comfy! If you are a casual look person, you must give this a try! I am very tempted to get the pants actually but I am not so much of casual person so I gave this a miss. I think this pants are good for those summer holidays as well.

Jalym Tweed Midi Jumpsuit


At one point of time, I decided to try the mobile fitting room so that explains the different setting ☺️ I wish the mobile fitting room has lights.

Wearing the Jumpsuit in size XS and it fits me perfectly with zero allowance at PTP and waist. The Jumpsuit is lined. Made of thick tweed material and comes with back zip and also pockets. Not stretchy. The tweed material used for this is different from the usual tweed. It’s much more textured and also more rough in terms of texture. I will show a close-up shortly

Jumpsuit lover may love this one! The cutting is really good.

Ahnvin Contrast Side Tweed Midi Dress

Wearing size XS for the dress and it fits well at PTP with slight allowance at waist. Dress is lined. Made of thick tweed material. Not stretchy. Comes with back zip. Hips are pretty loose on me. The sides have some shiny bits? This dress would look good if it’s fitted like bodycon style. I really wish I have bigger hips to fill it up.

Side view of the dress.

Talgoy Knotted Crop Top + Pashya Pleated Waistband Wide Leg Pants

Tried the top in size XS and it fits with allowance at PTP and waist. Top is lined. Not stretchy at the PTP. Waist is stretchy as the back part is elastic. The top has no fastening so just lup on. As usual sleeved top doesn’t flatter me.

The pants is also in size XS. And it fits me well at the waist. It may look like other normal plain black pants but don’t be fooled. The cutting and design are both on point. I was literally sold the moment I tried it on. The quality is good. Material is not the thin type but quality crepe like polyester. Not stretchy at the waist. Comes with back zip. No pockets though but the length is so perfect! The straight cut is just what I love as well.

Clearer view of the pants. Kind of dark I know.

But I love the pleats detailing on the waistline which is not obvious in every other pictures. Very classy and good for work especially. I bagged this home of course 😊

Beatraz O-ring Belted Blazer

Wearing the blazer in size XS and it fits well at PTP. The blazer is quite thick and lined. Good to keep warm in aircon places. Comes with front pockets and not stretchy. It has silver buttons detailing on the sleeves which are just aesthetics. No button fastening elsewhere but it comes with detachable D ring sash.

I’m still on the hunt for a good blazer to replace the current one at work. This is good and thickness is good for my freezing office but I personally doesn’t like the sash and buttons on the sleeves as it will make ‘noises’ on my table ☺️

How the blazer looks like with the sash on.

Here’s the maroon one.

Viesha Soft Belted Vest

Tried Size XS and it fits me with allowance at both PTP and waist. Vest is lined. Material is quite weighty. Not the thin type. Comes with pockets in front and no fastening. There are belt loops at the sides and comes with detachable sash.

How the vest looks like when worn with the sash. I think I prefer the look without sash personally. If you like your vest without lapels, you can check this out 🙂

Shamiya Balloon Sleeve Sweater

Randomly tried this sweater outside the fitting room as well because the queue was crazily long. Size XS fits well with allowance at PTP. Knit is stretchy and quite thick. I personally love the balloon sleeves! The knit is ribbed type but seems like need to be careful when wearing this. Best not to wear with sling backs as it might rub against the knit and cause furrings? This colour is quite nice but a bit dull. I wish they have other Colour options for this other than black and cream.

Mymana Pinstriped Back Zip Midi Dress

Tried Size XS for the dress and it fits me snugly at both PTP and waist with zero allowance. Dress is lined. Not stretchy. Comes with back zip. Material is polyester. Seems similar to the other pinstripe dress which LB launched previously. For this , the hips are way too loose on me. I personally prefer the other design as it’s more fitted on me. This is good workdress for ladies with bigger hips 🙂

Feanges Colour Block Foldover Dress

Tried Size XXS for this dress as I couldn’t find any XS on the rack at all. Size XXS is too snug at ptp. The waist somehow fits just nice as well. Definitely need size XS for this. Dress is lined. Made of really good material that’s smooth and quite weighty. Comes with back zip. Not stretchy. Personally prefer this colour combi over the other one.

Olyena Rope Tie Denim Midi Dress

Wearing size XS for the dress and it fits me well at PTP with allowance at waist. Dress not lined. Not stretchy. Comes with back zip and pockets. The dress comes with rope sash but I couldn’t find any in the piece I took. Not sure if they remove the sash and kept it. This is a nice casual dress if you fancy denim! Not my style though heh!

Hajil Foldover Pencil Skirt

Wearing size XS for the skirt and it fits me well at the waist but too loose at the hips again. Everyone should be familiar with the skirt design. It was previously launched in two printed patterns before and finally there’s solid version! But sadly I still cannot wear this because my hips are too small! The skirt is lined. Very slightly stretchy at waist and comes with back zip.

Paressa High Waist Cuffed Pants

I brought in both size XXS and XS to try but no pics for the XS because sizing seems to run big for this pants. XS was very loose everywhere on me.

Size XXS fits me well at waist. With light allowance. Surprisingly, the white pair is lined!! But the pockets can still be seen as you can see. Comes with front zip fastening and hook. The cuff area for XXS is quite small. The material is polyester. Not structured type. Hips quite loose on me as well. Length wise kind of too Long on me though. Would be better if it’s shorter to prevent the material crunching at the cuffs area.

I also managed to try the red. If only this pants fits me better.

Helyna High Waist Button Tweed Shorts

Last week, only the cream version of this tweed shorts were available in store. I didn’t manage to see the navy ones at all. Tried Size XS and it fits well at my high waist. No allowance. Shorts are lined. Not stretchy. Comes with pockets. Do take note the gold buttons seems to be quite fragile in terms of stitching. Might need to sew tighter before wearing out.

The cream comes with gold threading and it’s really pretty but somehow I cannot pull off this colour well. So I decided to give this a miss and wait for the navy one.

Close up of the tweed shorts in white/cream. It’s more to cream shade in real life.

That’s all for the last week’s new arrivals! Will review a few more items from previous launches as they were just brought in store and also another dress from CNY Collection that I missed out previously.

Diala Maxi Tank Dress

The basic maxi dress is finally in store. I tried on the navy in size XS and it fits me well at PTP. Maxi is lightweight and thin type. Not lined. Very basic. Good for summer weather. Length wise just nice with my usual daily heels. Almost wanted to buy this but decided not to in the end ☺️

Dynae Textured Trumpet Midi Dress

Everyone should be familiar with this dress by now. It was featured on LB forefront for the longest time and it was only launched in Feb. Tried Size XS and it fits me well at ptp and waist with no allowance. The PTP is a bit snug. Hips are slightly loose on me. Dress is lined. Not stretchy. No pockets either. The front part has mesh design.

I also managed to try the mustard piece. Here you can see the PTP being slightly snug. Maybe this piece is slightly even smaller. Also in XS.

I initially got the seafoam one but decided to get the mustard one in the end because for once, the mustard looks better than seafoam on me. Don’t you think so? I have yet to wear this out though! Hope to wear out soon!

And yes that’s all for the reviews! Thanks for reading the Long post!


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