Recently I got to know of a new self-manufactured label when I was browsing IG. Seen it a couple of times on my feed but wasn’t attracted to any of the designs initially. But they had a couple of launches in the past one month and some of the designs are quite up my alley.

The brand is called UNDA

And so I was attracted to one of the designs on the website but I was pretty confused by the sizing and measurements provided. I did asked for advise on the sizing with them but I did not want to take a risk buying online and turned out to be ill-fitted. Fortunately, I discovered that their apparels are stocked in some multiple brands stores and one of them is Moxie which is located at the Mandarin Gallery. The location is perfect as I frequent town a lot! 🙂

Let me show you what I have tried and what I was eyeing on as well.

On my first trip to the boutique, they didn’t have the design which I was eyeing on. Apparently, new arrivals of the labels are usually not stocked in store that fast. I continued to browse and decided to try one an item which is actually a set.



This velvet top and pants in navy are sold as a set. You cannot purchase them separately. I am wearing Size XS. The top is made of velvet material and it fits me with allowance at PTP. It is not lined if I remember correctly and comes with back zip. The length is quite cropped. The velvet material is really comfortable to wear.

The matching pants fits me very well at the waist (slightly high waisted) with no allowance. Material is really thick. Made of structured polyester material. Comes with back zip. Not lined and not stretchy. Length wise, I love it that it is perfect on me with my heels. I particular love the vertical pattern and the back zip. But design wise is pretty retro. It is more of bootcut. Such a pity because I don’t fancy such cut. If only the pants are of straight cut. And I do not think I should be buying this set and altering the pants to straight cut because the set is already quite expensive. It is retailing at S$109 by the way. I left empty handed.

This set also comes in red and green. The green one comes in solid version.

About almost 2 weeks later, I went back to the store when I discovered that the new arrivals I wanted are stocked in. I tried on 2 designs.



The first one is this fun looking maxi dress! Wearing size XS for the maxi and it fits me snugly at PTP with zero allowance. Waist fits me just nice. No allowance as well. Dress is lined and comes with back zip. Material is somewhat like crepe chiffon. I thought this maxi dress actually looks quite nice! Don’t you think so? But I find the PTP to be too snug for comfort and I am guessing size S will be too loose on me. Oh well, I am in between size for this. But I personally find the yellow to be a little too bright as well. Maybe I should have tried the safer colour of Navy. Then again, navy is a boring colour and the dress wouldn’t stand out as much as this yellow one. This maxi dress is a popular piece and it has sold out on the website in all the 3 colours. The other remaining colour is white.



And here is the set which I was eyeing for. Sold as a set and comes in 2 other colours – Black and Green (Forest Green). This is the Burgundy colour which is what I like most out of the 3 colours.

The above is in size XS. The top fits me snugly at PTP. Top is lined and comes with side zip. The material is also velvet but it is ribbed velvet type. It is quite stretchy. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably rate it as 7. This is for PTP. The waist is way more stretchy. As for the skirt, the waist is elastic and it is of thick waistband type. But not to worry, it does not look like those cheap unsightly elastic which I am not a fan of. So this one pass my preference. The hips fits me well and it is actually quite bodycon as you can see. The back has a slit but it is not overly high.

I personally like the design of the top a lot. Worn as a set makes it look like a dress. The top is worn tucked out here but you can also choose to tuck in. If you don’t feel like wearing it as a set, you can wear it separately as well. Really versatile.


I also asked to try on Size S. The top fits me much more comfortable at PTP. It fits well, not as snug and it is not loose. The length is only slightly longer than XS. As for the skirt, you could see that it is still fitting at the hips but it is not loose either. It is still bodycon and it does not stretch out as much at the hips. Somehow I feel that the skirt falls more nicely as compared to XS. It is less tight and the skirt appears to be more straight cut at the sides which I personally prefer.


Clearer comparison of XS (left) and S (right). I decided to buy this burgundy set in Size S!

More about Moxie, they sells apparels at slightly higher price that the direct store itself. For UNDA, I noticed that the prices are priced about $6-$10 higher. UNDA does not have free shipping when I last checked. The courier cost about $5/$6 if I am not wrong.

Sharing a tip – Moxie has a web store and first time customer can enjoy 5% for online order only and you can choose to opt for free self-collection at their store. So I decided to buy online after trying at the store with the promotion because it is actually cheaper than me purchasing it online at UNDA website and pay shipping. They process the order really fast. I placed the order at night and I collected it the next day! and the order was packed in really pretty packaging.


The said packaging


The order also comes with this sweet pink envelope. The invoice is inside.


There is even a note included. How sweet! Well, I am no doubt a happy customer 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing unda with us babe and you look great in the maroon piece!! Unfortunately they only carry up to size m meh!! I can’t wear 😞


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