Love Bonito Post CNY Review

Back for another new round of Love, Bonito reviews after a week hiatus due to busy schedule at work. And this is going to be another long post 🙂

Sightings of what’s on the rack. Didn’t manage to try all of the items this time around but still did try most of them.

Pamaiza Sash Peg Trousers


When I first saw this pair of pants, I thought it looks very similar to the old Pamaina peg pants which was hot favourites last time among the ladies but didn’t fit me well due to the big hips measurements unfortunately.

This time round, LB uses much better material (in my opinion) and besides black and navy, it comes in this refreshing seafoam colour! Tried size XS as above and the waist fits me well comfortably. Pants not lined and comes with back zip and pockets of course. Not stretchy. The length is really good as well. The sash is self-tie. I really love the cutting this time round but unfortunately, it is still quite loose at hips and butt area for me. It does have excess clothes.


On another visit to the store, I managed to find one in size XXS! Fits much better at the hips but it is a bit snug at the waist though. I wish size XS hips are of XXS cutting and I will definitely bag it home. I am not sure if I should buy the XXS and eat less haha! It is so difficult to find peg pants that fits me well!

Joganea Pinstriped Jumpsuit


Wearing the jumpsuit in size XS and it fits me well at PTP and waist with slight allowance. Jumpsuit is half lined. Comes with pockets and front zip and buttons as fastening. This also reminded me of another striped jumpsuit that LB launched several years back but in tapered cut bottom. The jumpsuit looks really sleek when worn. Length is good with my heels. The bottom part is a bit flare as you can see. I actually quite like this! But I had to resist as I bought other items heh. Material is very slightly stretchy only.

Gemesha Textured Sash Pocket Dress


Tried the dress in size XS and it fits me well at PTP and waist with no allowance. Hips are loose on me. Dress is lined. Not stretchy. Comes with back zip and front pockets. Also comes with detachable sash. The material used for this is quite unique. The shade is more to dark grey and it has shiny trimmings in front! This makes a really good work dress which I would definitely get if the hips fit me better. Ah! the woes of having small hips! Looks so nice but too much excess clothes for me 😦

Quandra Ruched Wrap Dress


Another good work dress! I personally think LB makes really good and classic work dress  at reasonable price which I cannot really find elsewhere. My colleagues and even the pantry lady always compliments me for all the LB work dress I wear hehe!

Wearing size XS for this dress and this one fits me well at PTP and waist. No allowance. Hips has allowance but this somehow does not appear as loose as the earlier one. The material is a bit more to structured side. Not stretchy. Dress is half lined. Comes with back zip. No pockets for this one. The buckle in front is only aesthetic. Almost wanted to bag this home again but resisted.

Loriyn Sash Wide Leg Pants


I fell in love with this pair of pants the moment I tried it on! I must say this pants looks nothing special if you see it on the website and on the rack. It looks just like any other sash pants but don’t be fooled by the plain look. Wearing XS and it fits me well at the waist! No allowance but it comes with self tie attached sash in front which makes the waist look more slim! The pants are not lined but not sheer and the material is pretty weighty. Comes with back zip and yes it comes with pockets too! The length is perfect with my heels.

The cutting of wide leg – I find it perfect. It is wide but it is not too flare. On second look, it does look like Welda pants but I actually like this better than Welda. And it goes so well with my OSN cropped top! hehe! I foresee high mileage for this and it can be matched easily with any other tops so there is no reason not to bag this home. I just had to buy it.

Reaka Pouf Sleeve Knit Top

Xegja High Waist Denim Raw Hem Skirt


Wearing XS for the knit top and it fits me well at PTP and waist. The knit top is stretchy but I would recommend not to size down as the shoulders area might not fit well. You can take usual size for this. The sleeves looks interesting which was why I decided to try it but somehow it doesn’t flatter me? It is poofy which is what I like but probably I would prefer if the sleeves are shorter.

Denim skirt in XS fits me well at PTP and slightly loose at the hips. Skirt not lined and comes with back exposed zip. Denim used is on the thinner side and the hem are raw. Very casual look but yet stylish at the same time. I thought this looks quite nice when worn! Good for weekend and the black one would pass off on weekdays to work? But I would prefer if the hem are not raw type.

Agiva Fluted Hem Knit Dress


Wearing size XS for the knit dress and it fits me well at PTP, waist and hips. The dress is really bodycon hence not very friendly on the stomach and tummy. I had to breath in to take the photos otherwise all my tummy would be showing haha! As you can see, there is  VPL so seamless panties definitely a must for the dress. Knit is very stretchy. No zip but there is only button fastening at the back. The neckline is quite high. If only this comes in dark colours like navy or maybe plum.

Helyna Tweed Vest


I was really very happy to see this vest on the rack when I arrived at the store! It is the exact same tweed used for the tweed shorts launched before CNY! Basically you can wear it as a set. Wearing size XS for the vest and it fits me well at PTP with no allowance while it has allowance at the waist. I think it is meant to be worn loosely at the waist. Vest is lined. Tweed is thick and structured. I would say it is really worth the moolah! Looks very expensive and classy. The white is really pretty but I could only buy one hehe! I love vests which comes with pockets.

In the first pic, the vest is unbutton and the second one is buttoned up.


Tried XXS for the navy piece and it is too small at PTP while it fits just nice at the waist with zero allowance. When it is buttoned up, the lapels cannot align properly as the PTP is too small on me and I find it a bit difficult to button up as well. No need to size down for the vest, you can take your usual size.


Comparison of navy and white side by side. Seriously I am very tempted to buy both home but I decided to go with navy vest and of course I bagged home the matching navy tweed shorts as well! I will review the shorts shortly.

Shamiya Balloon Sleeve Sweater +

Helyna High Waist Button Tweed Shorts


I had previously reviewed the sweater before in blush so I will not review it again. This time round I took the black in size XS to try and I thought the black looks better than the blush on me so guessed what? I decided to buy it after all. Geez! What happens to not buying it!

And the shorts were only stocked in store after CNY. I had previously reviewed the white one as well so I won’t review in detail again. Wearing size XS here for the navy piece and as expected, navy looks better on me as compared to white. So much love for this pair of shorts! Love the gold buttons detailing very much.


Went back home and I tried on both the matching vest and shorts and major love for this! I just wore it out today. Will find time to share my OOTD next time round. Probably I will do a post on recent OOTDs 🙂

Pamya Belted Cropped Pants


Wearing XS for the pants and this fits me well at waist with no allowance. Hips also fits me much better as compared to Pamaiza. Pants not lined and comes with pockets. Also comes with front zip fastening and detachable belt. Length is cropped. I really love the fit of the pants but I’m not so much of a fan of the material. The material is textured. I would prefer if the material is smooth and thicker like Pamaiza. Oh well, I am sure there will be other good peg or cropped pants.

Ueshana Printed Pleat Midi Dress


The dress looks quite interesting on the rack so I decided to try it out even though I know I probably wouldn’t be able to pull off the look. Wearing size XS and it fits me well at ptp and waist and hips with allowance. This dress actually comes with separate midi length inner slip which is light pink in colour. The dress itself is not lined. The material is pleated and its soft. No zip at all. Just lup it on. The neckline is ribbed knit. I am not a fan of the prints personally.

Terrina Belted Trench Vest


I initially thought that this is actually a dress. Not a vest. Turned out, it has a hidden button underneath. Wearing size XS and it fits me with allowance everywhere. Vest is really heavy, thick and weighty. It is lined and comes with pockets. This seems good for winter holidays layered with long sleeve tops or dress underneath. Comes with detachable sash and when it is worn, it seems to be able to pass off as a dress. The neckline looks fine as well. I guess this explains the slightly hefty price tag.

Eleresta Bell Sleeve Midi Dress


Wearing XS for the dress and it fits me well at PTP and waist with no allowance. Dress is lined. Only slightly stretchy. Material is slightly on thicker side but not really thick heh. Comes with back zip. Hips are loose on me. Somehow it doesn’t fit me well at the hips as you can see. The shoulder area is also quite snug and restricted on me. Overall, I cannot seem to pull off this dress well. I think this will looks better on ladies with hourglass figure 🙂

Rutheas Midi Ruched Dress


Tried the dress in size XS and it fits me well at PTP and waist with zero allowance. Hips slightly loose on me. Dress is lined and slightly stretchy. Comes with back zip. This one seems to be quite similar to previously Heleka dress? But this has better material. Doesn’t  seem to crease easily and more stretchy as well. I really love the shade of teal used for the dress! It is not the dark teal type but more vibrant and bright teal. If only the dress is sleeveless! I would definitely buy it in a heartbeat. I just cannot pull off the sleeved look. I hope LB will manufacture other dresses in this shade of teal.

Jodayn Flutter Sleeve Contrast Jumpsuit


Wearing XS for the jumpsuit and it fits me well at PTP and waist with zero allowance. Hips are loose on me as you can see. So much excess clothes in front and the back on me. Jumpsuit not lined. Comes with pockets and back zip. Material not really stretchy. The sleeves has slits. As usual, I cannot seem to carry off such cold shoulder design very well. I think some girls look so much better in this piece!

Raella Ruched Asymmetrical Button Skorts


This skorts seems to be really popular when it was launched. Sold out quite quickly. Wearing XS and it fits me with slight allowance at the waist. Hips has allowance. Skorts are lined and the material used is actually quite good and quite thick overall. Comes with back zip and it has pockets. Skorts slightly stretchy at the waist. Personally prefer this colour over the other colour.

Lylen Lace-up Shorts


Wearing XS for the shorts and it fits me well at the waist with no allowance. Shorts are lined and comes with pockets. Also comes with back zip and self tie lace up details in front. This pair of shorts fits me better than the earlier one. Good shorts for casual day out! If only it comes in dark colours. I am always skeptical of buying white colour apparels.

Herzi Ruched Crossover Pencil Skirt


The last item which I am reviewing is this midi skirt. Wearing size XS for the skirt and it fits me well at the waist and slightly loose at the hips. Skirt is not lined. Seamless panties seems needed for the skirt. Skirt comes with back zip. Not stretchy. This would look really good when worn fitted imo. The ruched details add a nice touch to an otherwise plain skirt. Material is polyester and slightly on the thin side.

That’s all for the reviews! Bagged home a total of 3 items with me: tweed vest, shorts and the sash wide leg pants 🙂

Do stay tuned for my next review – I will be reviewing the complete Capsule Collection 02 from Love, Bonito 🙂

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