Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Chanel just launched their latest Spring/Summer Collection at NAC (Ngee Ann City) on Wednesday and MBS on Thursday! It’s always so enjoyable to check out what’s new whenever they launch a new collection every seasons. I have been stalking the Chanel hashtag on IG recently and also the Chanel app to see what’s coming up 😅 Sometimes it’s good to see the pics that those PS posted on IG because US always launch the collection first. That gives a good idea of what’s coming and see if any goodies caught my eye.

For spring/summer, there are a lot of bright colour candies spotted when I walked in! Think pink, yellow and green!

Just look at the fun and happy colours. Don’t you feel happy looking at them?

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The yellow gabby looks so cute and the green flap shown is of classic small size. There seems to be quite abundant stock for this one because I saw quite a few being displayed out in various spots.

The pink ballerina flats are so pretty but I still have doubts about the level of comfyness according to mixed reviews out there.


I have seen the backpack on IG several times and I would think that it’s actually quite nice in real life. Should have made an effort to feel it. Looks kind of soft and comfy. Colours are vibrant in real life. Very statement looking backpack. Not a classic piece definitely. More for fun looking. Some people might probably think it’s loud? I Guess this is only for chanel lover who has tons of money to spend.

The green old medium boy in caviar with aged gold HW is also nice in my opinion. Personally I won’t buy such a colour though. But it’s a happy colour 💚


At the top shelf are the pink WOCs. Yellow Coco Handle in small size in the middle shelf kinda grew on me after seeing it longer. It’s not actually an eye sore after all given I’m not a yellow person. Here ‘s the small green flap again 😉 and more ballerinas at the bottom shelf.


Closer look of the small metallic emerald green flap thats stacked above the medium pink O case and yellow clutch.


Love the caviar quality this season. The green is pretty bright in real life (at least in the store). I’m not sure how it will be like under daylight outdoor since the chanel boutique is located at basement. It would have been good if there are some natural lights coming in so that we can gauge the colours better.

The green is metallic emerald green. Kind of irisdescent with pale shiny gold hardware. Pretty colour. Personally I find that this green is more acceptable in SLG and small sizes. It’s quite loud and striking for small flap size and above. They do have mini O case in this green and it’s nice! I didn’t take a photo of the mini O case in green but I saw someone browsing it 🙂

The small flap interior in terms of space is quite small due to the double flap. It’s smaller than mini rect. I think I would prefer to go for medium size for classic flap like this.img_7307

The same green in mini square! I saw quite a number of customers asking to see this green mini square as well as the mini O case. This is still acceptable to me. Fun bag to own. My SA said they sold quite a few of the green collections surprisingly.


Only the embellished mini flap on top is from the new collection and behind is the trendy CC. The pink on second shelf – I had previously showed the black piece before. The pink is so pretty and sweet.

The PVC bag and PVC boots 😏 Unless I print money, I don’t think I would buy these. LOL. I won’t buy the boots definitely but the bag is so cute! Will show it in detail later!


Urban companion flap bags and backpack which somehow I cannot appreciate (yet). And the PVC bags comes in 2 sizes.


These looks so good! Alternative to the usual WOC. But I still cannot justify myself paying so much for such a small bag which I can barely put anything 😅 The leather is goatskin + patent.


Another new and very avant-garde design.


Finally I got to see this one in real life! So so 😍😍😍


I like the lilac one better 😍😍😍😍

The chevron , the clasp and leather are just perfect. Not caviar. I think goatskin? Not Lambskin. Looks durable. And for once, I can accept shiny silver hardware. This is just perfect 👌🏻


This sequinned one was lying around on the table so I took the chance to check it out. Smaller than mini rect size. But so cute!


Made an effort to brighten up this pic because the original one is quite dark. This is more true to real life. The interior is pink and I died 😍 Totally I forgot to take the bag interior but actually quite roomy as it’s not a structured bag. Maybe can fit as much as a mini rect. Super cute!


The new small Gabby is back in goatskin and patent! Look at the gradient of colours from top to bottom. Super chio. The blue may look dull but it’s actually pretty. Something I can accept.


Clearer picture and I seriously love the goatskin part. I secretly hope Chanel will make Gabby in total goatskin on the bodice next time. I love it better than distressed Calfskin.


My love for Gabby has deepened 🙈


Pretty yes no? Haha!

Spot the lady at the back trying the new green square mini and also gold chevron patent mini rect (I saw these in black, gold and silver from afar). I should have asked to see nearer but customers were looking at them.. no other mini rect were in sight except for those 3.


My SA asked me to try the yellow Gabby and actually I’m quite sold LOL! Seriously I won’t ever thought of trying a yellow bag.


You see.. cute right? But of course nothing bigger than this for yellow. Same case as the coco handle. Mini sizes are best for loud colours like these. And the gold goes so well with gold hardware. And this Gabby also comes in black! 😉

The guy at the back I think waiting for his lady to shop.


On to the PVC bag! This is the smaller size out of the 2 sizes. Again, my SA asked me to try. She thinks that the bag is nice minus the price tag which I agree after I tried it on.

If I’m not wrong this bag comes in 2 colours but SG only has this colour so far. The other colour is yellow-pink trimming. In my opinion, this green-pink is nicer. It’s so sweet.


Modelling pic of me taken by my SA. Haha! Nice don’t you think so? 😆 it’s very small in size though. Cannot put much stuffs but I think it’s a good bag to ‘show off’ your pretty SLGs inside 😉😉😉

I like this much more after trying it on. I wish I have unlimited funds and unlimited bag quota 😁 but I do wonder how long we can maintain this PVC for.

Just FYI, this is retailing more than $3k and it’s smaller than mini rect and mini square

That’s all for the bags I tried!


FYI I also saw this bag on the mannequin which my SA pointed out to me. Nice to see but not practical to own it. Pic credit to Chanel website.


Also saw this bag raincoat, looks good in real life. But I cannot get over the price point. It’s $820 😖


My SA showed me and model for me. The buttons has chanel logo on it. If only it’s cheaper, good to protect the bag in a way. You know when it rains, I protect my bag first before myself 😂

I asked her if anyone buys these, she said yes. Quite a few are sold 😌

Now let’s go to the SLGs!


The first SLG i spotted in the new colour – dark blue metallic iridescent!


It comes with shiny pale gold hardware. Damn chio! 😍😍😍

The blue has a bit of green tinge in it. A bit like teal tinge? It appears like different colours under different lightings. I have a soft spot for colours like these.


Back view! Too bad I have the exact same one in black already so it will not make sense to buy this one. Look very similar as both are in dark shades. Unfortunately, they don’t have this in zipped coin version. But they do have the ID card version. Which I don’t find a need so far to add that to my collection. No bags in this colour either in SG. Not sure why the boutique did not order (or maybe not in yet) but I believe they will be sold in a flash as compared to the green one? 🤔 I had to reluctantly put this back. This is same price as classic black which is $600. If you don’t want black and need an alternative colour, I think this is a good choice!


From older collections, passport holders in lambskin. And they have caviar one in black in SHW too! I was really tempted but not going to shell out $750 for a passport holder yet. Maybe next time – I wish i can travel more so the purchase would be more justified haha.. I’m wondering what else I can use the passport holder for other than holding passport 🤔


Look at what I found!!! The elusive O coin purse aka monalisa cardholder!! The one with pocket at the back!! Ok I got so excited I forgot to take picture of the back. Finally I see this in real life! But sadly only comes in black & SHW. I don’t think I want one in black since my smaller flap cardholder is black. I need this in other colours. I concluded I like this after seeing it. Comes with 2 big compartments, one side slot and the back pocket. The hunt continues because I don’t wanna get from PS.


And this Barbie pink cardholder – same style as metallic blue one above. The color is just so so nice. I really wish they have this in chevron style or maybe zipped coin purse but no. Only this 😌 I don’t feel much strong justification to buy this even though the colour is so lovely!


And they even have mini o case in black in stock! This is SHW. They also have GHW and they even have the chevron version as well in SHW. Very well stocked! But I believe they will be gone very fast. Saw quite a few customers asking to see.

I was really looking for this high and low last year and they don’t have any. And now they appear 😏 But thankfully my friend managed to help me get one from overseas.


The black one with gold hardware. The caviar this season seems really good.


All 3 in a frame.

And I was also shown another o coin purse without back pocket. Same size and style just no back pocket. I didn’t even know this style exist! But it wasn’t quilted. It was flat chevron, more to boy style which doesn’t leave much impression on me. Forgot to take a pics. But it’s in shiny black hardware which is nice. I hope I can own one SLG in so black and black hardware next time.


Picture credit to Chanel website. I was shown this zipped coin purse in this patent midnight blue. Also pretty!



Spotted the dark blue O case – Not sure of this is medium or large size. And also WOC.


The ID holder I mentioned in same colour.


The tray of earrings! A couple are not new designs. Honestly I’m pretty disappointed at the range this season. I would say the last season range is much better.

The resin and the crystals doesn’t really give the expensive look to me. In fact, the crystals are quite ‘dead’ – not shiny at all. A far cry from the crystals last season. But that means good news for me because my wallet is happy. Money saved😆


I expected better for this piece but it looks cheap in real life. No shine at all. Not worth the price tag either.


These two are not bad though! Forgot to check price. I think more than $600 for the top pairs. The bottom one is also nice but not very convinced to get it as it’s resin type and probably might have like it better if it’s not square shape.


Sorry for the dark pics – these are also not bad but again does not look worth the price tag. Not much pick for necklaces either – they have the all crystals one (same version of CC as third row second from left in the above tray pic) and pearl of the earrings version above. Not bad but not a must buy. I foresee the crystals will drop a lot so no go else need to keep paying for the repair. SA also show me the brooch of the all crystals version. Chio but no no no to the same issue 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ Also asked to see bracelet and rings but none caught my eyes.




Carried this heavy paper bag home. Underestimated the weight 😆

That’s all for today’s update!

Unboxing and reveal to be posted on another day! Wanna make guesses of what I bag home? 😝




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  1. Nad, I’m the exact opposite of you. I have been waiting for the green mini for so long. Lol. They sell the dark navy mini too but not sure if it’s coming to Singapore.


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