Mi By K – TU Mask Set

I have been a fan of sheet masks and masking is definitely a weekly affair for me. So when Mi By K kindly sent me their TU Mask Set for review, I’m definitely more than glad to try it out!


Mi By K TU Mask Premium Set comes packed in a pretty white and rose gold packaging!

Here’s some unboxing videos of the mask set box

Let me share with you more about the TU Mask Pack Collection!

TU Mask Pack is an award winning dual zone treatment mask in Hi-Seoul 2017 for Beauty Category. It is HSA certified & EWG verified. No paraben/alcohol/artificial fragrances/irritatives are used as part of the ingredients.

The mask is suitable for normal, oily, dry, sensitive as well as combination skin.

Each TU Mask Pack comes with 2 separate masks targeted at 2 different zones which are the T-zone & U-zone. Each of them contains different ingredients, filled with more than enough serum which provides protection against UV and anti ageing with some of the most powerful nutrients/antioxidants.

The top part of the mask pack (the black mask) is the T-zone Charcoal Mask which has soothing and calm effect. It contains high density oxygen and seaweed. T-Pack provides superior oil control and targets sensitive and oily T-zone problem areas.

The bottom part of the mask pack (the white mask) is the U-zone Mask which has moist and vitalizing effect. It contains Vita water rich with vitamins, salmon egg as well as other rich anti-oxidant ingredients. U-Pack targets dry and sagging U-zone problem areas.

Now, let me show you how to use the masks

  • After washing the face, do apply your skin toner prior to using the masks.
  • Open step 01 T-zone mask and apply to your forehead and nose areas.
  • Open step 02 U-zone mask and apply to your cheek and and chin areas.
  • Leave the masks on for about 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, remove and gently pat your face to absorb the Essence

Having fun with the masks! ☺️

Here’s are some of my observations after using the masks for the first time:

Even though my skin is very sensitive, I do not encounter any problems from using the masks. The masks remains very moisturised even after 20 minutes of usage. The T-zone (black) mask is slightly on the long side at the nose area but no issue because it’s adjustable. They stay on the face well and have sweet fruity scent. My skin feels smooth, hydrated and refreshing!

The next morning, I do notice that my complexion is brighter. After applying my daily skin routine, I find that my sunscreen glides on more smoothly and the areas which are usually more dry no longer show patches of sunscreen! Other that that, my skin is also less oily as compared to usual.

Overall, the masks does work well on me. Will definitely get more for myself .

If you are keen to try, you can purchase yours on Mi By K website HERE

The TU Mask Premium Set comes with 5 pieces and if you get this as your first set, you will get 2 bonus pieces! That means 7 mask pack 😊

Other than that, you can also choose to purchase TU Mask Value Pack (3 pieces) or purchase just one piece.

Thank you Mi By K for sending over the mask set.

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