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More than a month ago, I visited a new nail parlour place to do my manicure and pedicure. It’s been a long time since I last did an elaborate manicure nail art designs. Looking at the end result, aren’t they so pretty? I couldn’t stop looking at my nails from time to time! ☺️ Pssst…. keep a lookout for a promo code at the end of the post!

The set of pretty nails was done at Cozy Nails. Cozy Nails is a nail salon which specialised in various nails services. They are located at Novena Regency which is near Novena MRT station.


Novena Regency is easily accessible by both MRT and buses. If you are taking the MRT, simply head to Novena MRT station. Upon exit, walk towards the Church of Saint Alphonsus and you can cross over to Novena Regency with the overhead bridge. If you are travelling by bus, there is a bus stop right in front of Novena Regency itself. The bus services that stop at the bus stop is 5, 21, 54, 56, 57, 131, 141, 143, 162/162M, 166, 167,  851 and 980. You will see a single storey building.


Cozy Nails is located at #01-36. You will see shoes rack just outside the nail salon. They provide sandals for you to change into before entering. This keeps the place clean!


Here’s a quick video of the place. It’s a small but cozy place like the name suggests 😊


Another one taken when I am seated at the sofa.


I went with no idea of what nails design I wanted to do. They had so many colour options – you name it, they have it. Just look at the row of bottles on the rack. So spoilt for choices! The 2 kind ladies at the salon then asked me what colour theme I wanted. After a brief thought, I decided on purple. Within 5 minutes, they suggested a design to me and I told them to go ahead.


I had gelish manicure on when I went so they proceed to remove it. Removal was done really well. I requested to have my nails cut and the lady was really meticulous. Classic manicure was done and she even made sure that each of the nails are cut in the same length for both hands.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other lady went on to do pedicure on my feet. I rarely do pedicure on my feet actually but I guessed I should have done it from time to time. My feet feels so refreshed and they even helped to remove my calluses. I always get calluses because I wear heels almost daily.


Before I knew it, the gelish pedicure was already done! It took less than an hour.


The nails took slightly longer because of the elaborate 3D nail art design. They even made sure that the shades used for each nails matches and complements each other. The lady who did my nails is really skillful. She did everything swiftly and neatly. I was impressed! 👍🏻

I was actually pretty worried about maintaining the 3D designs because I am quite a careless person. Also, I am afraid that they will fall off if I don’t take care of them well. But guess what? My worries are unfounded! It has been a month and none of the 3D designs have dropped at all! They are all still intact and I didn’t even specifically take care of them.

Let me spam some photos of the end result!


The thumb and middle finger are in solid pastel purple with the 3D pearl designs resembling flowers. Index finger and pinky are in glitter silver. And if you notice closely, the ring finger is in the shade of marble purple. They did not do any mixing of colours for the marbling effect. The gel bottle they use is in this colour itself. I did spot some other marble colours available too! Such as pink and grey (if I remember correctly). I love the set of colours.


Another photo showing both nails. Pretty or pretty?


For my feet, they did purple gelish glitter manicure along with simple lines designs.


Looking at them makes me happy!


One last picture of the gelish manicure! This is the latest one which I took a month after I did them, showing how much my nails have grown (yes, my nails grow so fast) but the manicure are still 100% intact. No chipping and no breakage – which is the main reason why I am very impressed with their services. By the way, I even had crabs 2 weeks ago and I ate with my hands. No chipping as well for the pedicure despite the fact that I wore closed up heels every day to work. Now I am looking forward to do my next set of nails!

I would highly recommend Cozy Nails if you want to do your nails. You can quote Nadia15 for 15% discount on all nail services when you book an appointment with them Or you can come along with me next for 20% discount! 😉 Time to pamper yourself and makes your nails 💅🏻 look pretty!

Cozy Nails IG : @sgcozynails
Contact Number: 6254 0094
Whatsapp: 8683 6780

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