What is Partipost

What is Partipost

Have you heard about Partipost? Partipost is a micro-influencer crowd marketing platform which works with brands and holds various campaigns throughout the year.

You can find their IG profile on partipost !

Who can join Partipost?

Basically anyone with an Instagram/Facebook profile can join. Not just influencers. Public and private accounts are all welcomed 😊 There is no fee to join. Even if you have less than 500 followers, you can join too! You will not be bound to any contract and you are free to work with anyone 😉

Why should I join Partipost?

After joining Partipost, you can participate in various exciting campaigns and each campaign has its own payout mechanism. Basically you get to do something you like and enjoy and earn at the same time! 😉

How to join the campaigns?

Partipost has their app on App Store and Google Play which makes joining their campaigns so much easier.

You can choose which campaigns to join. When you join a campaign, you may be required to visit the place, be sent items to try, or be asked to purchase the product or service.

When the required post is submitted and approved, you will be prompted to post it up and then you can start earning!

Let me show you the Partipost app below

Look for the app on App Store

Simply download the app on your phone

How the app looks like when opened. There are 3 tabs – Instagram, Facebook and Upcoming. Each showing the various campaigns available to join.

When you click on any campaign, you will be able to see all the requirements and details as well as the post structure and payout information.

A short video of the app ☺️


It is easy to join and post! Sharing some of my partipost campaign photos 💗

FruiTea Campaign

Evita Musical Campaign

Snoopy Run Campaign

Tiger Beer – Cuba Libre Campaign

How much can I earn? 

You may earn an average of $5 to $150 per campaign depending on the campaign structure. If you join the campaign via the app, you will be able to view the breakdown of the post performance. Basically the more engagement for the post, the more you will earn 😉

How to withdraw the payout?

Withdrawing your earnings in the app is as easy as just a click. Before that you will need to key in the bank details in the account settings in the app as well. Partipost will charge a 5% fee per withdrawal and minimum $5 withdrawal is needed.

Check out Partipost, join and start earning now!



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