Love Bonito Capsule Collection 02

Review of Love Bonito Capsule Collection 02 – Pursuit of Possibilities

When LB released the sneak previews of the second Capsule Collection, I knew I must have some of the pieces! Went down to the store to try as soon as I can so that I can make a decision of which pieces I should buy. Initially I had wanted to limit myself to 2 pieces – one in each colour. But in the end I bought 3 pieces 😆

Two racks of Capsule Collection 02

6 styles in total

Pearle Cascade Side Pleat Dress

This dress looks so good on forefront that I told myself I must get this! This is the first piece that I tried on. Wearing size XS and it fits me well at PTP with no allowance. Waist and hips have allowance. The dress is of shift cut so it’s meant to be worn loose fit. Dress is lined and comes with back zip. Material is not thin and not thick either. The usual polyester. But somehow, the yellow piece doesn’t seem to look that good on me. I love the fuss free design a lot so I thought maybe I should give the red one a try instead.

The red one indeed looks so much better on me! Don’t you think so? This is also in size XS.

Comparison of both colours side by side. I bagged home the red one!

Pavanka Tie Back Sash Midi Dress

Wearing size XS for the tie back dress and it fits me well at PTP. Dress is lined and doesn’t come with any zip at all. The only fastening is the tie back sash which can be adjusted to your liking. The bonus thing about the dress is that it comes with deep pockets! 👍🏻 Material is thicker as compared to the pleat dress.

Initially I didn’t have any plan to buy this dress but it turned out to be better than expected on me. Lots of girls also told me the midi looks nice on me 😅

Tried on the red variant as well in the same size. For this tie back midi dress, yellow seems to work on me better.

Comparison of both colours – bought the yellow one for this design ☺️

Priscelia Cascade Ruffle Foldover Midi Jumpsuit

Wearing size XS for the jumpsuit and it fits me well at PTP with allowance at the waist. Jumpsuit is lined. Comes with back zip. Not stretchy. No pockets. Also comes with self tie sash which is attached to the jumpsuit. You will need to bring the sash around the waist before tying it in front. The material used for this seems to be similar to the pleat dress. Quite flowy.

I couldn’t find the yellow jumpsuit in XS so I tried on size S to see how yellow looks like on me. Size S fits me loosely at PTP and waist.

I cannot seem to pull off the Jumpsuit design probably due to the sleeves. Would prefer if it’s sleeveless. But red one seems to look better on me as compared to the yellow.

Pearle Cascade Side Pleat Top

Wearing size XS for the pleat top and it fits me well at PTP with no allowance. Top is lined. Not stretchy and comes with back zip. Material also seems to similar to the dress version. The top is meant to be worn tucked out and I think it’s best paired with the matching skirt or solid coloured fitted jeans/pants/skirt.

The same top in yellow!

Personally prefer red over yellow for this but I think I personally prefer the dress more.

Pavanka Tie Back Sash Top+ Patricia Asymmetrical Ruffle Midi Skirt

Tried size XS for the red one and it fits me snugly at PTP with zero allowance. It’s quite tight for my liking even though I tried to tie the back loosely but it doesn’t seem to align well somehow. Top is lined. Not stretchy and material used is thicker than the other designs. The material is quite structured so it is able to give the flare shape.

And since the XS is snug, I decided to try size S for the yellow piece and I find that it fits me better at PTP. The bust area is not restrictive like XS.

Tucked in the top into the skirt and I personally prefer to wear it tuck in more than tuck out. The skirt is in size XS and it fits me well at waist nicely. No allowance. Comes with back zip. Material used for the skirt is good. Quite structured.

Here’s how the yellow top and skirt looks like as a set and worn tucked in!

I’m really tempted to bag the skirt home but i resisted because I don’t want to buy more than 3 pieces 😅 Hence I got the red tie back top in size S. Personally prefer red to yellow for this set.

Do you prefer the top to be worn tuck in or tuck out? 😊

Just FYI, take note that the prints placement for all the pieces are different.

I’m looking forward to the third installment of Capsule Collection!

Meanwhile, the Capsule collection is available online HERE


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8 thoughts on “Love Bonito Capsule Collection 02”

  1. It was really a great collection! Definitely had a hard time choosing what to buy.
    You look great in the Midi Dress! I like the way you wear the Tie back sash top tucked in!

    I bought the Midi Skirt in both colors, Pavanka Tie Back Sash Midi Dress and Pearle Cascade Side Pleat Top. I didn’t like the cut of Pearle Cascade side pleat top, I am going to return it.


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